The Power of Visibility

OPTAL software replaces the transfer of information via paper and word of mouth, with instantaneous electronic access to production information such as work-to-lists, engineering drawings, bills of materials, operations notes, work instructions, routing sheets, tooling lists and quality information

This provides production management with true control over the workflow, by delivering the most up-to-date information available to the work centre when and where it is needed.

 Errors and downtime due to miscommunication, typically caused by outdated or misplaced paperwork, drawings and work instructions, no longer happen.

Downtime and scrapped parts are greatly reduced and processes are optimized resulting in increased capacity, consistency and quality. In addition T & A data can be collected directly at the work place, again reducing lost time spent going to and from clocking points. 

Collaborative Information Exchange between Vendors and Customers.

Multi-plant information using Optal's Manager-MIX 

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