Custom Design and Programming

As a professional service organization, we have been producing product for both the private and commercial sectors since 1987. We have designed, developed and implemented projects using tools such as RM Cobol 74 and 85, scripting in Unix, VBA - Microsoft Access, Crystal Reports and Visual Basic.

With direct involvement in 2000+ custom programs that format and present existing database information, we have also created add-on applications with external files. These programs vary in complexity from simple reports with table lookups to data manipulation containing totals, sub-totals, multiple sorts or grouping, descending/ascending sequences and linking of multiple databases. These projects range in functional areas of inventory management, accounting routines, employee-department-plant performance metrics, sales, marketing and consolidation reporting for multi-national facilities.

Although most projects consist of collecting, formatting and displaying data, we have completed a large number of maintenance projects as well. These projects range in scope from automated interfaces between different hardware, legacy database migration, and interfaces (application to application, database to application), standardization programs and complex mass change routines.

We have worked in a number of collaborative efforts requiring contributions from many separate parties, each one being responsible for specific areas to ensure a successful completion with extremely tight budgets and time constraints. The scope of these projects range in magnitude from the design, development and implementation of an interface for financial reporting between a manufacturing facility and their corporate enterprise system, moving engineering data to databases and contributing to the design and development of a number of commercial packages.

Depending on the complexity of the project, quotes are provided on either an hourly or project base. Call today, you'll be surprised at how affordable projects can be.